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Hawk Nelson band members (L to R):

Jonathan Steingard: Guitar

Jason Dunn: Lead Vocals

Daniel Biro: Bass

Justin Benner: Drums


  Biography: Hawk Nelson was formed in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, in approximately 2000. Since then they’ve released 4 major length productions, appeared in a movie, and become one of the biggest names in Christian music.



  1. Saturday Rock Action, 2003 [independent]
  2. California EP, 2004 [Tooth & Nail]
  3. Letters to the President, 2004 [Tooth & Nail]
  4. Smile, It’s the End of the World, 2006 [Tooth & Nail]
  5. Gloria EP, 2006 [Tooth & Nail]
  6. Hawk Nelson Is My Friend, 2008 [Tooth & Nail]
  7. Live Life Loud, 2009 [Tooth & Nail]



SwitchfootHello Hurricane

FlyleafMemento Mori

Ayiesha WoodsChristmas Like This


Leeland, Brandon Heath, and special guest Francesca Battistelli at Remingtons, in Springfield MO, on October 31, 2009.

 To get the concert rolling, everybody came out at once and did a couple songs, though I’m not sure what they were. Also, because this concert happened on Halloween, the bands decided to dress up as The Goonies. Leeland Mooring as Mouth, Brandon Heath as Brand, Franny as Andy, keyboardist as Mama Fratelli, Leeland bassist and drummer respectively, Sloth and Chunk, Jack Mooring as Mikey, and Brandon and Franny‘s guitarist as Data.

  Francesca Battistelli came next, starting with I’m Letting Go. Her set was pretty short, only playing her radio singles, It’s Your Life, Free to Be Me, along with Beautiful Beautiful and Blue Sky. The performance wasn’t much, but her vocals still excelled through a sickness.

 Leeland followed up with the opener from their newest album, Love is On The Move. The Door is one of the stronger tracks from the sub-par album. I was surprised by the amount of crowd participation, but of course, I was helping quite a bit (ha ha). Count Me In, a great song to get the crowd going, followed by Lift Your Eyes Up, not to be confused with a song from their debut, Lift Your Eyes. This song set up the worshipful Via Dolorosa. Following is oddly the only selection from their debut album for this set, Yes You HaveLeeland taught the crowd the chorus of the next song, New Creation, before playing it. This is personally my favorite song from the set, but I was surprised when the set ended right there.

  When Brandon Heath came out onto stage, the only other stage change was a new keyboardist, so they give you the feeling that they’re all a team. I’m not exactly sure what song he opened up with, but followed up with Sunrise. I don’t know what the next song was either, but Wait and See, one of my favorites, came next. After talking a little, he played Red Sky, a song about a homeless family that lived on his street. As an intro to Give Me Your Eyes, he did a cover of the beginning of In the Air Tonight. It got the crowd going pretty good, and Leeland came out again to perform Follow You, with Brandon Heath‘s help. When the song was over, they played a video of their recent trip to Cambodia, where they met the kids that they were sponsoring through Food For the Hungry, the main sponsor. A 15 minute intermission followed.

  Leeland came back out, and went right into Tears of the Saints. A fantastic performance of Pure Bride followed. Next, they played the hymn Blessed Assurance. I was shocked to find that was the end of their set, after only playing 10 songs total. Everybody came out once again and did the same beginning song, which I absolutely LOVE.

  Brandon Heath took over the stage once again, and opened up with a song I think is called Where Were You, but I’m not sure. I’m Not Who I Was came next, one of my personal favorites, followed up by Love Never Fails. He paused to talk about Christmas time, and about his original Christmas song, Send Me. It’s about what Jesus must’ve been saying to God before he was sent to earth. He brought out Francesca again to help him, and then left for her to perform her original Christmas song, Time In Between.

  Overall, it was a pretty good concert. I can’t wait to see what these young artists will be in the future, but I’ll predict that Leeland will be the most successfull. Check out pictures from that night here.


  Biography: Leeland was formed in Baytown, Texas, in 2004, around brothers Leeland and Jack Mooring, their cousin Jake Holtz, and friends Jeremiah Wood and Mike Smith. They’ve already been nominated for 2 Grammy’s and 8 Dove awards in their young career.

Band Members (L to R):

Jack Mooring: Keys, harmony vocals

Leeland Mooring: Lead vocals, guitars, piano

Mike Smith: Drums

Jake Holtz: Bass


Leeland Discography:

  1. Sound of Melodies, 2006 [Essential]
  2. Opposite Way, 2008 [Essential]
  3. Love Is On The Move, 2009 [Essential]

 Biography:  Switchfoot was formed in 1996 in San Diego, California, with brothers Jon and Tim Foreman, Jon playing guitars and lead vocals, Tim playing bass, and Chad Butler on drums. They were originally called “Chin Up,” but afterwards changed their name to Switchfoot when signing with Re:think Records. They now have keyboard/guitar player Jerome Fontamillas and guitarist Drew Shirley.

Band members (L to R):

Chad Butler: Drums

Jon Foreman: Lead vocals, guitars

Jerome Fontamillas: Keys, guitars

Drew Shirley: Guitars

Tim Foreman: Bass

Switchfoot Discography:

  1. The Legend of Chin, 1997 [re:think]
  2. New Way to Be Human, 1999 [re:think]
  3. Learning to Breathe, 2000 [re:think]
  4. The Beautiful Letdown, 2003 [Sparrow/Columbia]
  5. Nothing is Sound, 2005 [Sparrow/Columbia]
  6. Oh! Gravity., 2006[Sparrow/Columbia]
  7. The Best Yet, 2008 [Credential/Columbia]
  8. Hello Hurricane, 2009 [Lowercase People/Sparrow]
  9. Vice Verses, 2011 [Lowercase People/Sparrow]


Band Members (L to R)

Nathan Cochran: Bass, vocals

Barry Graul: Guitars

Bart Millard: Lead vocals

Robby Shaffer: Drums

Jim Bryson: Keys

Mike Scheuchzer: Lead guitar, vocals

MercyMe Discography:

1. Almost There, 2001 (INO)

2. Spoken For, 2002 (INO)

3. Undone, 2004 (INO)

4. The Christmas Sessions, 2005 (INO)

5. Coming Up to Breathe, 2006 (INO)

6. All That is Within Me, 2008 (INO)

7. The Generous Mr. Lovewell, 2010 (INO)


Relient K: Forget And Not Slow Down

Family Force 5: Family Force 5’s Christmas Pageant

Tal & Alicia: Wake Me

Various Artists: WOW Hits 2010


Clayton Risner and Travis Flynn at Hebrews Coffee, in Springfield, MO, September 29, 2009. 

  Travis Flynn opened up the set, but he had some guitar tuning issues, so there was a slight delay. His style is a lot like Jimmy Needham, a sort of folk acoustic sound. My favorite song was Another Lonely Night in Tennessee, but to be honest it was the only song I remembered.

  After a 5 minute intermission, Clayton Risnertook the stage. His style is quite a bit different from Flynn’s, but mostly because Risner plays the piano, and Flynn played the guitar, but both of them are very chord driven.

  Risner played around 8 songs, but I didn’t stay for the whole set. Some songs I remember are Mom Called, and Run.

  Overall, it was a very good concert, and the coffee shop environment completed it all.


In the Hands of God by Newsboys is lead singer Peter Furler’s (the last remaining original member) last album as a member of Newsboys, the job being taken over by Michael Tait, former member of dc talk.

  The album starts off with the first of the two songs that reflect on Peter Furler’s time with Newsboys, “The Way We Roll”, a great song to kick off this excellent album. Following is the rocker “No Grave”, which shows off the perfect combination of Steve Taylor’s lyrical poetry and Peter Furler’s musical genius.

  Next is “This Is Your Life” (not to be confused with the Switchfoot song of the same name),which has a bit too cliché lyrics and an over synthesized beat. “Glorious”, a great worship song, is sure to be their next “I Am Free”, from their last album, Go.

  The album gets even better on the second half, including “RSL 1984”, and “Dance”. “My Friend Jesus” is a story about a guy who bought a faulty product, and he gets put on hold when calling customer service. The meaning of it is to change the world and to basically stop and think, “What would Jesus do?”

  “The Upside” is an awesome song. “Lead Me to the Cross”, a song written by Brooke Fraser for Hillsong United, is just OK. “Dance” is a very upbeat song about how short life is and you have to live like there’s no tomorrow.

  “RSL 1984”, the second of the two songs that reminisce Peter Furler’s time with Newsboys, is the perfect song to end your career with. The first verse talks about the past times with the band, the second thinks about his homeland of Australia, and the third verse just wraps it all up. For those wondering, the RSL stands for Returned Services League. I have no idea why that is the name of the song.

  Overall, In the Hands of God is one of Newsboys’ greatest albums of all time.



Band Members: (L to R)

Duncan “Squiz” Phillips (drums, percussion)

Michael Tait (lead vocals)

Jody “Helmut” Davis (lead guitar, BGV’s)

Jeff “Oinch” Frankenstein (keys, synth bass)

Newsboys are a Christian pop/rock band formed in Mooloolaba, Australia, by drummer Peter Furler, bassist Sean Taylor, guitarist George Perdikis, and singer John James in 1984. Soon after, they packed their bags and headed to America, and toured the United States in a beat up old Dodge van. In Georgia, they found their manager, Wes Campbell. In 1988, they signed with Virgin Records and released their first album, Read All About It. The album wasn’t very much of a success, so the label dropped them. Because they didn’t have enough money to go back to Australia, they just kept going, and eventually signed with Star Song Records. In 1990, they released their sophomore album, Hell is For Wimps. Star Song kept them, and the Newsboys became a success in 1992, with Not Ashamed.  Fast forward 15 years, and they are releasing #1 hits, selling Gold records, and headlining tours and festivals across the world.

Newsboys Discography:

  1.  He’s Coming Back, 1987 (Independent)
  2.  Read All About It, 1988 (Refuge)
  3.  Hell Is For Wimps, 1990 (Star Song)
  4.  Boys Will Be Boyz, 1991 (Star Song)
  5.  Not Ashamed, 1992 (Star Song)
  6.  Going Public, 1994 (Star Song)
  7.  Take Me To Your Leader, 1996 (Star Song)
  8.  Step Up To The Microphone, 1998 (Star Song)
  9.  Love Liberty Disco, 1999 (Sparrow)
  10.  Shine – The Hits, 2000 (Sparrow)
  11.  Thrive, 2002 (Sparrow)
  12.  Adoration: The Worship Album, 2003 (Sparrow)
  13.  Devotion, 2004 (Sparrow)
  14.  Go, 2006 (Inpop)
  15.  In The Hands of God, 2009 (Inpop)
  16. Born Again, 2010 (Inpop)