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Artist Profile: Owl City

Owl City band members:

Adam Young: Vocals, keyboards, piano

       Biography: Owl City started out as Adam Young (the project’s one and only member) fiddling around in his parents’ basement in the tiny town of Owatonna, Minnesota. After releasing 2 independent albums, Of June and Maybe I’m Dreaming, he signed with Universal Republic Records and released Ocean Eyes to mixed reviews. For some it is terribly unoriginal, but for others it is one of the best albums of 2009. His hit single “Fireflies” peaked at #1 on the Itunes charts.


  1. Of June, 2007 (independent)
  2. Maybe I’m Dreaming, 2008 (independent)
  3. Ocean Eyes, 2009 (Universal Republic)
  4. Untitled, 2010 (Universeal Republic)

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  1. […] hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is made up of the sole member, Austin Tofte. Adam Young of Owl City has been part of Swimming With Dolphins in the past, but is now focusing on his main […]

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