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Artist Profile: dc talk [1988-2001]

 dc Talk band members (L to R):

Michael Tait: Vocals

Toby McKeehan: Vocals, Raps

Kevin Max Smith: Vocals

  dc Talk discography:

  1. Christian Rhymes To A Rhythm, 1988 (independent)
  2. DC Talk, 1989 (Forefront)
  3. Nu Thang, 1990 (Forefront)
  4. Free At Last, 1992 (Forefront)
  5. Jesus Freak, 1995 (Forefront)
  6. Welcome To the Freak Show, 1997 (Forefront)
  7. Supernatural, 1998 (Forefront)
  8. Intermission: Greatest Hits, 2000 (Forefront)
  9. Solo: Special Edition, 2001 (Forefront)

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