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Artist Profile: Hawk Nelson


Hawk Nelson band members (L to R):

Jonathan Steingard: Guitar

Jason Dunn: Lead Vocals

Daniel Biro: Bass

Justin Benner: Drums


  Biography: Hawk Nelson was formed in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, in approximately 2000. Since then they’ve released 4 major length productions, appeared in a movie, and become one of the biggest names in Christian music.



  1. Saturday Rock Action, 2003 [independent]
  2. California EP, 2004 [Tooth & Nail]
  3. Letters to the President, 2004 [Tooth & Nail]
  4. Smile, It’s the End of the World, 2006 [Tooth & Nail]
  5. Gloria EP, 2006 [Tooth & Nail]
  6. Hawk Nelson Is My Friend, 2008 [Tooth & Nail]
  7. Live Life Loud, 2009 [Tooth & Nail]



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