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Artist Profile: Switchfoot

 Biography:  Switchfoot was formed in 1996 in San Diego, California, with brothers Jon and Tim Foreman, Jon playing guitars and lead vocals, Tim playing bass, and Chad Butler on drums. They were originally called “Chin Up,” but afterwards changed their name to Switchfoot when signing with Re:think Records. They now have keyboard/guitar player Jerome Fontamillas and guitarist Drew Shirley.

Band members (L to R):

Chad Butler: Drums

Jon Foreman: Lead vocals, guitars

Jerome Fontamillas: Keys, guitars

Drew Shirley: Guitars

Tim Foreman: Bass

Switchfoot Discography:

  1. The Legend of Chin, 1997 [re:think]
  2. New Way to Be Human, 1999 [re:think]
  3. Learning to Breathe, 2000 [re:think]
  4. The Beautiful Letdown, 2003 [Sparrow/Columbia]
  5. Nothing is Sound, 2005 [Sparrow/Columbia]
  6. Oh! Gravity., 2006[Sparrow/Columbia]
  7. The Best Yet, 2008 [Credential/Columbia]
  8. Hello Hurricane, 2009 [Lowercase People/Sparrow]
  9. Vice Verses, 2011 [Lowercase People/Sparrow]

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