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Concert Review: Clayton Risner and Travis Flynn

Clayton Risner and Travis Flynn at Hebrews Coffee, in Springfield, MO, September 29, 2009. 

  Travis Flynn opened up the set, but he had some guitar tuning issues, so there was a slight delay. His style is a lot like Jimmy Needham, a sort of folk acoustic sound. My favorite song was Another Lonely Night in Tennessee, but to be honest it was the only song I remembered.

  After a 5 minute intermission, Clayton Risnertook the stage. His style is quite a bit different from Flynn’s, but mostly because Risner plays the piano, and Flynn played the guitar, but both of them are very chord driven.

  Risner played around 8 songs, but I didn’t stay for the whole set. Some songs I remember are Mom Called, and Run.

  Overall, it was a very good concert, and the coffee shop environment completed it all.


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