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Review: Newsboys – In the Hands of God

In the Hands of God by Newsboys is lead singer Peter Furler’s (the last remaining original member) last album as a member of Newsboys, the job being taken over by Michael Tait, former member of dc talk.

  The album starts off with the first of the two songs that reflect on Peter Furler’s time with Newsboys, “The Way We Roll”, a great song to kick off this excellent album. Following is the rocker “No Grave”, which shows off the perfect combination of Steve Taylor’s lyrical poetry and Peter Furler’s musical genius.

  Next is “This Is Your Life” (not to be confused with the Switchfoot song of the same name),which has a bit too cliché lyrics and an over synthesized beat. “Glorious”, a great worship song, is sure to be their next “I Am Free”, from their last album, Go.

  The album gets even better on the second half, including “RSL 1984”, and “Dance”. “My Friend Jesus” is a story about a guy who bought a faulty product, and he gets put on hold when calling customer service. The meaning of it is to change the world and to basically stop and think, “What would Jesus do?”

  “The Upside” is an awesome song. “Lead Me to the Cross”, a song written by Brooke Fraser for Hillsong United, is just OK. “Dance” is a very upbeat song about how short life is and you have to live like there’s no tomorrow.

  “RSL 1984”, the second of the two songs that reminisce Peter Furler’s time with Newsboys, is the perfect song to end your career with. The first verse talks about the past times with the band, the second thinks about his homeland of Australia, and the third verse just wraps it all up. For those wondering, the RSL stands for Returned Services League. I have no idea why that is the name of the song.

  Overall, In the Hands of God is one of Newsboys’ greatest albums of all time.


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