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Artist Profile: Newsboys


Band Members: (L to R)

Duncan “Squiz” Phillips (drums, percussion)

Michael Tait (lead vocals)

Jody “Helmut” Davis (lead guitar, BGV’s)

Jeff “Oinch” Frankenstein (keys, synth bass)

Newsboys are a Christian pop/rock band formed in Mooloolaba, Australia, by drummer Peter Furler, bassist Sean Taylor, guitarist George Perdikis, and singer John James in 1984. Soon after, they packed their bags and headed to America, and toured the United States in a beat up old Dodge van. In Georgia, they found their manager, Wes Campbell. In 1988, they signed with Virgin Records and released their first album, Read All About It. The album wasn’t very much of a success, so the label dropped them. Because they didn’t have enough money to go back to Australia, they just kept going, and eventually signed with Star Song Records. In 1990, they released their sophomore album, Hell is For Wimps. Star Song kept them, and the Newsboys became a success in 1992, with Not Ashamed.  Fast forward 15 years, and they are releasing #1 hits, selling Gold records, and headlining tours and festivals across the world.

Newsboys Discography:

  1.  He’s Coming Back, 1987 (Independent)
  2.  Read All About It, 1988 (Refuge)
  3.  Hell Is For Wimps, 1990 (Star Song)
  4.  Boys Will Be Boyz, 1991 (Star Song)
  5.  Not Ashamed, 1992 (Star Song)
  6.  Going Public, 1994 (Star Song)
  7.  Take Me To Your Leader, 1996 (Star Song)
  8.  Step Up To The Microphone, 1998 (Star Song)
  9.  Love Liberty Disco, 1999 (Sparrow)
  10.  Shine – The Hits, 2000 (Sparrow)
  11.  Thrive, 2002 (Sparrow)
  12.  Adoration: The Worship Album, 2003 (Sparrow)
  13.  Devotion, 2004 (Sparrow)
  14.  Go, 2006 (Inpop)
  15.  In The Hands of God, 2009 (Inpop)
  16. Born Again, 2010 (Inpop)

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