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The Way We Roll Tour

The Way We Roll Tour                    

The Way We Roll Tour Itinerary
10/1 Greensboro, NC
10/2 Marietta, GA
10/3 Thomasville, GA
10/4 Winter Park, FL
10/8 St. John, NB CANADA
10/9 Lowell, MA
10/10 Augusta, ME
10/11 Albany, NY
10/17 Whitestown, IN
10/18 Ft. Wayne, IN
10/23 St. Charles, MO
10/24 Salem, IL
10/25 Little Rock, AR
10/28 Farmington, NM
10/29 Prescott Valley, AZ
10/30 Yuma, AZ
10/31 Tucson, AZ
11/1 Las Cruces, NM
11/2 Colorado Springs, CO
11/5 Tulsa, OK
11/6 Ft. Worth, TX
11/7 Cypress, TX
11/13 Bourbonnais, IL
11/14 Grand Rapids, MI
11/15 Wilmington, OH
*dates subject to change


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