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Electro-pop band Swimming With Dolphins recently signed with Tooth & Nail Records, and they have an upcoming album to be released this year. Swimming With Dolphins hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is made up of the sole member, Austin Tofte. Adam Young of Owl City has been part of Swimming With Dolphins in the past, but he is now focusing on his main project.


The biggest night in Christian music has happened. The biggest award, artist of the year, went to Casting Crowns for the first time. They had won group of the year five consecutive times previously. But this year, CC did not win group. NEEDTOBREATHE (also winning rock/contemporary song and album of the year) walked away with the Dove. Tobymac got pop/contemporary song of the year with “City On Our Knees”. He totally deserved that one. Justice has been served! David Crowder*Band won worship album of the year, and Switchfoot won rock recorded song of the year!

      The mischievous Dove escaped Skillet once again, they were nominated six times, and twice in short form video! In their illustrious career, they have only won one Dove, and it was for rock recorded song in 2008, “Comatose”.


Owl City band members:

Adam Young: Vocals, keyboards, piano

       Biography: Owl City started out as Adam Young (the project’s one and only member) fiddling around in his parents’ basement in the tiny town of Owatonna, Minnesota. After releasing 2 independent albums, Of June and Maybe I’m Dreaming, he signed with Universal Republic Records and released Ocean Eyes to mixed reviews. For some it is terribly unoriginal, but for others it is one of the best albums of 2009. His hit single “Fireflies” peaked at #1 on the Itunes charts.


  1. Of June, 2007 (independent)
  2. Maybe I’m Dreaming, 2008 (independent)
  3. Ocean Eyes, 2009 (Universal Republic)
  4. Untitled, 2010 (Universeal Republic)

With a slightly redone cover, and 7 additional songs, and without “I’ll Be”  Born Again is ready for it’s release on July 13, 2010. This is Newsboys first album without former lead singer Peter Furler, and their first with Michael Tait, formerly of dc Talk. The final track listing for it is:

  1. Born Again
  2. One Shot
  3. Way Beyond Myself
  4. Impossible
  5. When the Boys Light Up
  6. Build Us Back
  7. Escape
  8. Miracles
  9. Running To You
  10. On Your Knees
  11. Mighty To Save
  12. Jesus Freak (featuring KJ-52)


Fireflight For Those Who Wait

FairDisappearing World


 dc Talk band members (L to R):

Michael Tait: Vocals

Toby McKeehan: Vocals, Raps

Kevin Max Smith: Vocals

  dc Talk discography:

  1. Christian Rhymes To A Rhythm, 1988 (independent)
  2. DC Talk, 1989 (Forefront)
  3. Nu Thang, 1990 (Forefront)
  4. Free At Last, 1992 (Forefront)
  5. Jesus Freak, 1995 (Forefront)
  6. Welcome To the Freak Show, 1997 (Forefront)
  7. Supernatural, 1998 (Forefront)
  8. Intermission: Greatest Hits, 2000 (Forefront)
  9. Solo: Special Edition, 2001 (Forefront)

  Newsboys announced yesterday that they are offering a 5 song preview EP with a pre-order of their new album, Born Again (release June 8th), for just $7. This is live shows only, and you can catch them on WinterJam 2010 right now.


John James, lead singer of Newsboys from their formation in 1984 up to 1997 announced yesterday on a Queensland, Australia radio station that he is re-joining Newsboys. His role will be  preaching and backing vocals, and current lead singer Michael Tait is not leaving.


 Relient K band members (L to R):

Jonathan Schneck: Guitar, BGV’s

Ethan Luck: Drums, BGV’s

Matt Thiessen: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano

Matt Hoopes: Guitar, BGV’s

John Warne: Bass, BGV’s

Biography: Relient K is a Christian pop/punk band formed in Canton, Ohio, in 1998, with Singer/guitarist Matt Thiessen, guitarist Matt Hoopes, bassist Brian Pittman, and drummer Todd Frescone. The band reached mainstream success with the 2004 release of Mmhmm. Their latest release, Forget and Not Slow Down, peaked at #1 on the Christian album charts, and #15 on the Billboard 200.

Relient K discography:

  1. All Work and No Play, 1998 (CREC Records)
  2. Relient K, 2000 (Gotee)
  3. The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek, 2000 (Gotee)
  4. Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right… but Three Do, 2003 (Gotee)
  5. Mmhmm, 2004 (Gotee)
  6. Five Score and Seven Years Ago, 2007 (Gotee)
  7. Let It Snow Baby… Let It Reindeer, 2007 (Gotee)
  8. The Bird and the Bee Sides/The Nashville Tennis EP, 2008 (Gotee)
  9. Forget and Not Slow Down, 2009 (Mono Vs Stereo/Jive)
  10. The First Three Gears, 2010 (Gotee)

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